Technical writing classes

I have semi-transitioned to a new position at my job where I'm responsible for creating and maintaining documentation for our systems, programs, policies, etc. I was selected for the position because I have written many tutorials for our applications to be read by new employees. Since I have no formal education in writing (I love to write, but I majored in accounting with a masters in information technology), I'd like to learn the basics of it. Can you recommend any books (I live in the US) which provide a decent foundation into the field of technical writing?

Learn the fundamental principles and techniques to design and develop effective Web sites. As the foundation for several advanced web courses in BCIT Computing, this hands-on course provides an introduction to basic and advanced web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3. Students are shown how to hand code web pages according to W3C standards using HTML, style text and content with CSS, and manage files and Web sites using FTP software. Labs and exercises include an introduction to JavaScript and PHP for adding dynamic features with client side and server side scripting and other advanced web technologies courses. In addition, the course will provide an introduction to web interface design concepts, information architecture, and basic interactivity using web forms. Students will have an opportunity to explore social media and web analytics as they relate to web design and development. COMP 1850 is required for Web Development Fundamentals, Applied Web Development Associate Certificate as well as the Computer Systems Certificate. By the end of this course successful students will be able to design and build basic web sites and move on to COMP 1950 Web Development and Design 2 as well as COMP 2015 Introduction to JavaScript and jQuery. Prerequisites: COMP 1002 or equivalent knowledge of using a Windows PC and file management.

Technical writing classes

technical writing classes


technical writing classestechnical writing classestechnical writing classestechnical writing classes