Standard font size essays

Use a reasonably-sized font: either 10 characters per inch or a 12 point font. And choose a font that is easy to read rather one that is decorative: "Arial," "Lucida," "Modern," "Palermo" or "Times New Roman" are some good choices. Scripted fonts are hard to read even if they do make your paper "look nice"; it is the content of the paper that is most important, and making it easy for your readers to understand that content is always a good choice.

North American Indian languages are written using the Latin script with various diacritics, unified Canadian Syllabics or, in the case of Cherokee, the Cherokee alphabet. Christopher Harvey at has created both serif and sans-serif OpenType fonts covering the necessary Unicode ranges for writing many of the native American languages of Canada and the United States. In addition, he now has a number of new specialized fonts which have been optimized for writing specific languages and orthographic variants. His excellent web site is well worth a visit.

Standard font size essays

standard font size essays


standard font size essaysstandard font size essaysstandard font size essaysstandard font size essays