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Readers' Theater makes every student a star with motivating theater activities that build on social studies concepts. Each script includes multiple reading levels, color-coded by character name, for easy navigation and effective classroom management. The three-step lesson plan covers social studies and ELA standards while building effective vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Readers' Theater Program Kit includes 12 full-color copies of each multi-level script, 5 to 6 scripts per grade level , Director's Guide with complete teaching support and activities , Sturdy storage box with Spotlight, the theater dog.

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bored with the textbook - Your book, and your content area, sounds just like mine. I teach fifth grade, and while our textbook is only in its second year, the kids hate it. It is boring just like every other social studies textbook I have ever used with kids. In my class, I assign the reading to the students for homework and give them a couple of days to complete a study guide. They come into class prepared to discuss... source

hands on social studies - We study the regions of the United States throughout the year. I love . but I usually find that it is my students least favorite subject. So I try to incorporate as many hands-on activities as possible. I found that it was hard to do this at first, but once I got started the possibilities seemed endless. I try to find as many pictures, books, videos, stories etc. that have some tie in with each region that we are studying. For example, when we study Middle Atlantic region we find... source

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Social studies homework helper online

social studies homework helper online


social studies homework helper onlinesocial studies homework helper onlinesocial studies homework helper onlinesocial studies homework helper online