Saving habits essay

A poem says that if you have friendship with a person of bad character you become nameless and formless like the drop of water on a frying pan on the burning oven. The drop of water on a hot frying pan evaporates and disappears. So also a bad friend will spoil your image and you are no longer a good person. Just as good water stinks and becomes black and impure when it mixes with sewage so also a bad friend spoils you and you stink because of your bad qualities. Your fair name is spoilt by your association with a bad friend of the blackest vices.

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It is very important to save early and save more because no one can control and predict interest rate fluctuations in the market. Starting to save early puts time on your side. Savings will add up quickly and funds can also start working in gaining the power of compound interest which will work in your favor. A person can earn on what he has saved and also earn on what he has already earned. Along with how much and how often you save , what you earn on your funds will determine how fats money grows. It is again very important to consider different types of savings vehicles that provide different returns. Savings should not be kept idle at bank account. There is a long standing view on the growth process that increasing savings when transformed into productive investment would help achieve an economic to prosper. Savings contribute to higher investment and higher economic growth in the short time. The importance of savings in proving the fundamental growth impulses in the economy is one major factor for the progress of the country. Related posts:

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Saving habits essay

saving habits essay


saving habits essaysaving habits essaysaving habits essaysaving habits essay