Richard rodriguez bilingual education essays

Most members of the Sensitive Investigative Unit receive mandatory training and vetting by the DEA. But several current and former DEA agents said despite that vetting, the unit has long had a poor record of keeping information out of the hands of criminals. Among the most glaring problems, they say, is that Mexico doesn’t allow the DEA to scrutinize the unit’s supervisors in the same way as it does the unit’s members. Two law enforcement officials close to the Zetas case said their own inquiries revealed that a supervisor in the SIU was responsible. Former senior members of the Mexican Federal Police who worked closely with the unit did not respond to multiple requests for interviews.

@Samiiraa actually Alicia Keys dad is a black Jamaican likely very dark not African American. Are you Dominican? When I went to the Dominican Republic I was shocked really that the island where I was especially in Punta Cana does not just say they are black period. I saw people there blacker than midnight. They are in serious denial over there. There are more mixed looking blacks in Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica than the Dominican Republic . More people need to travel and stop stereotyping Latinos as non black. Belize is a very black country too. This whole Latin and Latino designation just clouds the fact that the Dominican Republic is in actuality a very black island. Many of the Dominicans where saying my Guyanese relatives looked just like them and my Guyanese relatives consider themselves black people.

Richard rodriguez bilingual education essays

richard rodriguez bilingual education essays


richard rodriguez bilingual education essaysrichard rodriguez bilingual education essaysrichard rodriguez bilingual education essaysrichard rodriguez bilingual education essays