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23/07/14 - Well, things have been a bit hectic since i got back from my holiday without internet, but i thought i'd write a bit here about what happened, at least as far as my writing goes anyway. When i first started writing the Golden Prophecies i was lucky if i could do 400 words a night, imagine my surprise when i found myself belting off 1000 words per night easily, and not just that, the quality of what i'd written had definitely improved considerably. All in all i think that it's safe to say that my fanfiction writing has improved my ability considerably. I'm definitely going to have to see about working in more time to work of my original work during the weekends.

The three other young actors are equally impressive. Jin Young 진영 (25) acts as Kim Yoon-Sung friend of the CP, grand-son of the prime minister and promising heir of the Kim clan who is intensely yet silently in love with Ra-On. Jin gives us a convincing sophisticated and stylish performance. I was very surprised to learn that Kwak Dong-Yeon 곽동연 is only 19. His performance as Kim Byung-Heon bodyguard of the CP is mature beyond his years. Finally, Chae Soo-Bin 채수빈 ( 22) gives her won convincing performance as an intelligent and independent-minded young woman caught in the rigid fate of noble Choseon women.

Read thesis manhwa

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