Public space architecture essay

Robert is an architect who brings twenty-five years of architecture experience to his practice at PUBLIC. Robert’s understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas, materials, systems, buildings, communities, landscapes, ecologies and people, informs how he explores, examines and resolves design opportunities. With an ability to apply strategic research and collaborative reasoning along with his technical acuity, Robert delivers award-winning projects.
Co-founder and Vice-Chair of the Alberta Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council, Robert previously sat on the AIBC Energy and Environment Committee and was a sessional instructor for the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. He has delivered several presentations at conferences including: the AIA National Convention, and numerous CEFPI conferences in BC and Alberta. Recently, the AIBC recommended that Robert sit on White Rock’s design panel. Robert is also the Vice-President of Semiahmoo Music Society. Architecture and music share a rich cultural lineage and it’s no surprise that Robert has passion for all things musical. His experience crafting stringed instruments informs his approach to architecture and public space.

Curled up on the edges, the wave-like pavilion is created with a grid of ropes that form the underlying structure. The attached buckets are strong enough to withstand the weigh of visitors who walk, run, and play on its modular surface. Overturned buckets are also used as seating around the installation. “By using buckets—a symbol of holding the public space hostage—we are highlighting and questioning this pervasive condition, and also empowering people of Mexico City to reclaim ownership of their public space, one bucket at a time, even if only for a few days,” wrote the designers.

Public space architecture essay

public space architecture essay


public space architecture essaypublic space architecture essaypublic space architecture essaypublic space architecture essay