Political correctness definition essay

Please explain to me how lining up the American people to be milked by PRIVATE insurance companies is socialism. Big government collusion with corporate power is fascism. The PC bullshit that is happening on campus is besides the point, a distraction and irrelevant to power politics. You can call it by any name you want even marxism, if it makes you happy. Trump is filling the swamp with swamp monsters so far, not draining it. Unless he makes another 180 degree turn… which I dont foresee. He is just another “Obama” Hope-monster for the right wing. You’ve been had.

Personal story: As a guest on Sean Hannity’s “Great American Panel,” I used the words “socialist” and “Marxist” to describe Obama,and rattled off highlights of far-left associations and exploits from his teen years to his presidency. Liberal panelist Bob Beckel, taking offense at my use of the word “Marxist,” turned to me and angrily accused me of being “worse than Joe McCarthy,” insisting I should “apologize to the president.” Apologize for what? Telling the truth?

The problem lays not in the idea that treating people with respect and tolerance, but rather the form of PC that relies on being totalitarian in nature to enforce the viewpoints of the oppressed. This is when civil liberties become threatened, and speech and communication begin to dwindle. Communication has been thrown into a stagnant state because of the attempt to censor speech that could potentially be viewed as harmful, or could potentially offend somebody. Communication and free speech have been intricate parts of the development of America , and it would be a shame to let censorship prevail when the idea of being respectful may persist on its own. Without being a totalitarian ideology. Without limiting speech.

Political correctness definition essay

political correctness definition essay


political correctness definition essaypolitical correctness definition essaypolitical correctness definition essaypolitical correctness definition essay