Physical education essay

The Working with Children Check expires every five years. You will be required to ensure it remains current and valid to the end of the final placement in the course. Please note that a WWCC can take an extended period of time, so it is recommended that you commence the process early to prevent timing problems. The Australian Institute of Family Studies provides useful information and links relevant to the Australian states and territories. Information on the current Working with Children Check must be uploaded to the student’s information site on InPlace.

I absolutely agree with Melissa J.  We need to do everything possible to see to it that physical education remains in the schools that offer it. It is a downright shame for those students who attend schools where the physical education program has been “cut”. The issue that I have is that we keep seeing facts and data that advocate for the need of quality physical education classes in schools and yet all that we tend to hear about is how the politicians want to eliminate the class. When we keep reading the research articles and seeing the positive effect that physical education has on academic achievement, I just do not understand how people can say that it is not important. Physical education class teaches children how to learn many different activities and skills which will help in making them lifelong movers. I have been to conventions where a lot of the people talk about incorporating core subject materials into physical education class. I think it is an awesome idea and I only hope that when I am teaching physical education class, my colleagues who teach the core subjects will be open to brainstorming. I will speak with my colleagues and find out what topics they are discussing in class and ask them to help me come up with creative ideas and ways to bring their materials into my class. In return, I would hope to receive my colleagues support when the topic does come up about cutting physical education. My stand on the whole matter is that if research continues to produce data showing how physical education and physical activity help to improve academic achievement, why the heck are people still looking at physical education as the chopping block. The whole thought of eliminating physical education is ludicrous. Facts, statistics, and data do not lie!! 

Physical education essay

physical education essay


physical education essayphysical education essayphysical education essayphysical education essay