Nytimes modern love essays

Rebecca Asoulin, Dartmouth College
Zoe Butler, Brown University
Michael Fischer, Northeastern Illinois University
Caroline Grand, Trinity University
Danya Issawi, The University of Kansas
Srishti Kapur, University of Chicago
Minahil Khan, Harvard University
Danny Kelleher, Northwestern University
Amelia Nierenberg, Yale University
Elizabeth Shackney, Wesleyan University
Joy Shen, Dartmouth College
Natalie Tsay, Cornell University
Sophia Tulp, Ithaca College
Alina Utrata, Stanford University
Haley Wade, Barnard College

You don’t have to know anybody to get noticed. In fact, those who do have a connection risk being inadvertently disadvantaged if they submit to any e-mail address other than modernlove@. Friends may think it’s a brush-off when I direct them to the slush-pile address, but I’m really saving them. With so many submissions pouring in, I have to keep everything in one place or I can’t cope. When essays from friends, agents, and editors come in via my personal e-mail addresses, I have to move them to the modernlove inbox anyway or I quickly lose track of them. So if you don’t have an agent or an “in,” here’s the silver lining: I’m actually less likely to lose your essay.

Nytimes modern love essays

nytimes modern love essays


nytimes modern love essaysnytimes modern love essaysnytimes modern love essaysnytimes modern love essays