Marine pollution essay

Each individual or group who submits to the Ocean Awareness Student Contest must have an adult sponsor. Sponsors are usually teachers, parents, or mentors. We ask each student to have a sponsor so that if we have trouble getting in touch with a student, we have an alternative means of contact. We think that one of the most important parts of ocean advocacy is building relationships and having conversations about ocean issues. Regardless of how closely sponsors do or do not work with students as they prepare their submissions, we encourage students and sponsors to use each other to practice talking about climate change and how the creative arts can make a meaningful difference in our world. We also offer nomination-based Sponsor Recognition Awards of $750! Students, nominate your awesome sponsor by using this online form . More information for Sponsors and Teachers >

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30. In this country, establishing measures of Marine Park Malaysia as a marine protected area since 1994 through the Fisheries Act 1985 was seen as a good beginning for marine conservation efforts. So far a total of 40 islands of the richest marine biodiversity has been gazetted as marine parks and several more in the study. But the question is to what extent the effective implementation and enforcement of various regulations and laws to achieve the real objective to conserve the sea? Is the Department of Environment, Fisheries Department, Forestry Department, Department of Marine Park, the Customs Department, Malaysia Tourism, Municipal Councils, Marine Police and other work to manage and maintain the originality of a firm and sustainable ocean?

Marine pollution essay

marine pollution essay


marine pollution essaymarine pollution essaymarine pollution essaymarine pollution essay