Le weekend dernier essay

We would like to officially announce the upcoming exhibition circuit opening in Montevideo Uruguay this June! Organized by 212 Productions and for the first time worldwide, David LaChapelle will be exhibiting in Montevideo, in 4 spaces simultaneously....

The multiple activities around this exhibition circuit will take place at the FUNDACIÓN UNIÓN (FU), CENTRO DE FOTOGRAFÍA DE MONTEVIDEO (CdF), ESPACIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (EAC) and the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). In the MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARTES VISUALES (MNAV) and in the ASOCIACIÓN GENERAL DE AUTORES DEL URUGUAY (AGADU). Two lectures will compliment the exhibits.

So you guys know I had an vericocel embolization done in July 2013. I has nester platinum coils implanted. I was in very bad chronic pain especially in my back and abdomen. In December 2015 I had 1 of the 3 coils removed laprascopic ally by a surgeon in Toronto Canada. The area where the removal occurred is now pain free. I wish he would have gotten the other 2 coils while he was in there. He did it the same way it was done on the video on YouTube . Luckily he removed the coil in the problem area. The other coils still give me some problems but are nothing compared to the problem I was having from the one that was removed. There were no bad side effects as a result of the coil removal. Recovery was not bad either.

Le weekend dernier essay

le weekend dernier essay


le weekend dernier essayle weekend dernier essayle weekend dernier essayle weekend dernier essay