Good childhood memories essay

Once in a blue moon, out running errands or driving along the GW Parkway for scenic views of the Potomac, my mom and I would find ourselves near Belle View Apartments. A drive by, a sigh, that’s all; first it was years, then decades, then half a lifetime ago. Somewhere along the way, a poisonous memory crept back to me like a black widow: I’ll say I was 4, but I could’ve been 3 or 5 wandering around Belle View by myself, as this is what parents let their little kids do back in that mythically safer time. Just footsteps from my building’s entrance, a gypsy-hiss: “Frances.”

There are a number of good ways to get a referral to a mental health professional. Your state psychological association will be able to provide you with referrals to psychologists in your community. Many state associations are located in their state capital. Also, because so many physical ailments have psychological components, most family physicians have a working relationship with a psychologist. Ask your doctor about a referral. Your church or synagogue and school guidance program or university counseling centers also usually maintain lists of providers in the community.

Good childhood memories essay

good childhood memories essay


good childhood memories essaygood childhood memories essaygood childhood memories essaygood childhood memories essay