Essay on my house for kids

"We knew that we had to tell the story of what we’d just been through," St. Clair writes about the decision to write her diagnosis into the show. "Our real story is that with the help of her best friend, and the people who love her, my character is able to get through the treatment and actually emerge somehow happier and more fulfilled than she was before she was diagnosed. We hope that by sharing my experience — our experience, Lennon and I — that somebody who is going through this process or helping their loved one through it might feel less alone, and might even have some better information for their cancer care."

A house is a place where we live in Ashirvad  Residency . It is a big and beautiful colony in North Ahmadabad . My house is a two storied bungalow . It was built by my father. There are six members in my family- my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, my sister and me. We all live together in my house. It has four bed room, a drawing room and a kitchen. In front of my house there is a beautiful garden. It is very airy and lit. It has big rooms with two windows and a door. My home offers affection, security and happiness for my life and I am very proud of my home.

Essay on my house for kids

essay on my house for kids


essay on my house for kidsessay on my house for kidsessay on my house for kidsessay on my house for kids