Employee attrition research papers

He says TELUS International attempts to replicate the environment of a company’s in-house customer care department, in a larger outsourcing operation. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure the needs of its team members are met, while maintaining strict quality standards. Regular check-ins — from a daily “How are you?” to annual performance reviews — help TELUS International take the pulse of its contact centers and remain aligned on the overall mission of the organization despite great geographical differences.

Attrition rate in Indian IT industry had gone down in the past few years. This dip in attrition rate was not sudden. It had happened to recent slowdown in world market. However, the main reasons of the downfall of attrition rate were lesser number of new jobs in industry and companies preferring cheaper freshers over experienced employees. Looking at the current attrition rate of the big 3 of Indian IT industry in 2009, we find that, for the last quarter, attrition rate for TCS, Wipro and Infosys were %, % and % respectively. One year back, the rate was %, % and % respectively for the three IT majors.

This type of reduction in staff is one way a company can decrease labor costs : the company simply waits for its employees to leave and freezes hiring . Such a method contrasts with more more severe labor-reduction techniques, such as mass layoffs . Waiting for attrition naturally is usually better for company morale. However, it can also have a negative impact on the employees that remain if the duties from the eliminated positions are transferred to them with no pay increase. It can also limit promotions within the company if these jobs are eliminated, which can result in further attrition and turnover.

Employee attrition research papers

employee attrition research papers


employee attrition research papersemployee attrition research papersemployee attrition research papersemployee attrition research papers