Do aliens exist persuasive essay

That’s right. In fact, one very important input behind the political discussion prior to the Paris climate agreement was the 2015 Papal Encyclical . I’m a council member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which helped to initiate the scientific meetings which were important in ensuring that the encyclical was a highly respected document. Whatever one thinks of the Catholic church, one cannot deny its long-term vision, its global range and its concern for the world’s poor. I believe that the encyclical, six months before the Paris conference, had a big impact on the leaders and people in South America, Africa and Asia. Religion clearly still has a very important role to play in the world.

It is apparent so much disinformation is and will always be given out....!.I ask why?..I know as many do..fear of knowledge being the most supreme Human traite of thee Ruling Power!. So where does this leave me?..well all I can state and I state, is, there is evidence, which if shown could or may or would result in complete breakdown of all Society World-wide! including Religion!, so what would you do if you had the knowledge!..? would you give it out?..or would you control and make hay? . Bottom line , is we are as the size of Ant's in the Big Picture!, so when you see an Ant ? ask the heck did they come up with realisation of building an Ant's Castle and serve the Queen?...then ask ! how Big is the Universe? then make your mind up! if they our Designer's were to visit , how would you want them to reveal Grey's ..or better still "Wise Mature Old Woman" I say woman! because' one! would be enough to take care of us! and give us all the answer's..could we cope....NO? PERHAPS IF IT was an old lady Image of a Solar Designer ,coming to kick our Ass for messing up! on the Deal?..;-) ,B.

Do aliens exist persuasive essay

do aliens exist persuasive essay


do aliens exist persuasive essaydo aliens exist persuasive essaydo aliens exist persuasive essaydo aliens exist persuasive essay