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2/01/05... James(Jim)Leonard , 66,passed away peacefully from pancreatic cancer. There will be a Memorial Service at the Chebeague Methodist Church, Chebeague Island, Maine at 1100 AM Saturday June 18, 2005. There will be a reception for friends and family immediately following the Service at the Chebeague Island Hall. Those needing help with transportation or logistics can contact either Cap Leonard (207 846 0801) or Priscilla Ross (207 846 4072). In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Chebeague Island Library, in memory of James Birdsell Leonard.

Josh Sager, health policy intern at Community Catalyst, argues that most people on welfare want what all Americans want which is a job, the ability to provide for a family, and have pride in what they do. He denies the view of the right that they are lazy and enjoy being dependent and would get jobs when their welfare is taken away. Rather he advocates addressing the underlying causes of poverty. George F. Will, an American newspaper columnist with the Washington Post and political commentator with Fox News, points out the negative results of welfare. He blasts the American government for classifying large numbers of Americans as “needy.” He gets his statistics from Nicholas Eberstadt, who documents the massive expansion of the welfare state and its erosion of recipients’ character.

Daniel immerwahr dissertation

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