Creative essay poetry contest

TWRT 211 Argument and Research in Writing (5) C
Focuses on writing critical analyses of texts in the arts and sciences. Emphasizes close reading, critical thinking, and developing well-supported arguments as well as advanced library research skills. Stresses managing the writing process so that good work can be produced within given time constraints. Prepares students for upper-division writing tasks. Prerequisite: minimum grade in either TWRT 112, TWRT 121, T CORE 101, or ENGL 131.
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Abigail Thomas’ comment: Horses and humans share many of the same traits: suspicion, unruly behavior, spite, as well as patience, curiosity, willingness and affection. Centaur, set on a horse farm,  examines the interactions between horses and people whose lives have become unmanageable. Its human residents are there to learn how better to live, and horses are their teachers. This is an unforgettable essay beautifully written by someone who has observed and taken part in the lives of two species. I can’t praise the writing highly enough. I loved every word.

Creative essay poetry contest

creative essay poetry contest


creative essay poetry contestcreative essay poetry contestcreative essay poetry contestcreative essay poetry contest