Character analysis of iago essay

It was created using the message design principles of color and typography, using Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity (CARP) (Lohr, 2008). In creating this worksheet, I gained a deeper understanding in the use of color theory outlined by Lohr (2008). I used green to enhance acuity and recognition of the smiley face as representing a character, and the split-complementary colors of reddish-purple and reddish-orange for contrast between clues and traits. In reflecting CARP, each of the boxes and text is aligned, and the rectangle shape reinforces repetition. Because this was designed for younger learners, I wanted to keep it very simple.

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Character analysis of iago essay

character analysis of iago essay


character analysis of iago essaycharacter analysis of iago essaycharacter analysis of iago essaycharacter analysis of iago essay