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During the years of the Soviet-Afghan war, Soviet combat tactics relied heavily on sending armored columns of tanks and armored infantry vehicles up to rural dirt areas to shoot guns in villages. In fact, Carter's Administration was planning for such an event in the first place. Buy essay soviet afghan war footage afghan - Essay Writing Services Buy essay soviet afghan war footage Buy Essay Soviet Afghan War - writebestpaperessay. Soviet propaganda had instated within the mindset of the public that essay the Soviet Union was a very powerful nation willing to spread socialism and, in doing so, alleviating problems within the world. The occupation of Afghanistan is very significant in terms of American participation, as it was an issue that united the country domestically. Carter was not reelected but the covert war continued, and funding to the military was drastically increased per year under Reagan's term. By 1982, the Soviets had abandoned any attempt to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan public. As a result, 15,000 Soviet people were killed and 37,000 wounded. University of illinois application essay. Many historians and politics consider that the collapse of the ussr was inevitable because of domestic problems, such as inefficient economic central planning and ethnic conflicts. The Mujahideen, however, gained an upper hand as they were given satellite intelligence and C-4 explosives to use in both urban and rural areas, whereas Stinger missiles (anti-aircraft) were highly effective and consequently altered the war in their favour. In truth, a hunt took place not just for the rebels, but also for some leaders in the reigning regime. A lack of proper training in modern guerilla tactics, officers inexperienced with war itself, coupled with, as previously mentioned, a false psyche for soldiers (initiating peace within the region as opposed to an offensive) surely created a catastrophic situation in Afghanistan. There was a clear competition for Afghanistan, commonly referred to as the great game. According to the historical information, many Soviet leaders were against the Soviet-Afghan war, because they were sure that the Soviets would not succeed in this war.

Buy essay soviet-afghan war

buy essay soviet-afghan war


buy essay soviet-afghan warbuy essay soviet-afghan warbuy essay soviet-afghan warbuy essay soviet-afghan war