Assignments inflation

– The decision structure is exceptionally vertical, resulting in a top-down economy of ideas even though the information resides at the bottom. Important decisions must go through multiple levels of commanders, each time being "fixed" by officers with less knowledge of the problem. Much of an officer’s time (and career) are spent simplifying complex problems to be presented to a flag officer who has very little time to understand them. New ideas and initiatives are generally unwelcome, and especially from the junior ranks.

In 2016 the predicted salary increase for top management roles in the Middle East will be on average per cent; this will be above inflation as accommodation costs have reduce dramatically in the region. In our European salary survey earlier in the year we highlighted that wages inflation would average per cent and be broadly spread across all member countries, but the real beneficiaries would be those workers entering the service sector in Germany and the UK from the low cost states of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. There is a big push from agencies recruiting excellent English and German speaking workers from these countries.

Assignments inflation

assignments inflation


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