Accouting research papers

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I’ve been out of college 6 years and yes, a . is completely vague and useless and doesn’t teach you “how to do something” (unless we’re talking nursing). After getting a Business Administration Bachelor’s I still had to go learn a skill so I could tell someone “I know how to do THIS.” The only people I see who do well with a Bachelor’s are pretty boys with Blagojevich haircuts who sell real estate or work at banks pushing papers or something. They do not possess a marketable skill and therefore have to rely on thier cute smiles and schmoozing people to substitute hard, honest work. We’ve forgotten how to roll up our sleeves and go give it 8 hours in the .

Accouting research papers

accouting research papers


accouting research papersaccouting research papersaccouting research papersaccouting research papers