Alevel history coursework wjec

In spite of the various benefits to increased vehicle automation, some foreseeable challenges persist, such as disputes concerning liability, [78] [79] the time needed to turn the existing stock of vehicles from nonautonomous to autonomous, [80] resistance by individuals to forfeit control of their cars, [81] customer concern about the safety of driverless cars, [82] and the implementation of legal framework and establishment of government regulations for self-driving cars. [83] Other obstacles could be missing driver experience in potentially dangerous situations, [84] ethical problems in situations where an autonomous car's software is forced during an unavoidable crash to choose between multiple harmful courses of action, [85] [86] [87] and possibly insufficient Adaptation to Gestures and non-verbal cues by police and pedestrians. [88]

(For one thing, many had nowhere to go. At the Superdome in New Orleans, where supplies had been limited to begin with, officials accepted 15,000 more refugees from the storm on Monday before locking the doors. City leaders had no real plan for anyone else. Tens of thousands of people desperate for food, water and shelter broke into the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center complex, but they found nothing there but chaos. Meanwhile, it was nearly impossible to leave New Orleans: Poor people especially, without cars or anyplace else to go, were stuck. For instance, some people tried to walk over the Crescent City Connector bridge to the nearby suburb of Gretna, but police officers with shotguns forced them to turn back.)

Alevel history coursework wjec

a level history coursework wjec


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